Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where is God? Is-He -Still-caring -for -His -People?

Is God there and a live? Does he care about His people? Where God is in the midst of the turmoil and misery that people are going through in this century? These and many more questions can be asked by any reasonable person who knows what is happening around the world. This article examines the above question and suggests some of the possible reasons from the scriptures.

Many catastrophes have occurred in the world in the 21st century more than before. Where is God in this? The earthquakes, landslides in Haiti and many other countries that have left many dead and others homeless, the oil spill in America leading to loss of billions of dollars have all caused many to as the above question regarding the presence and care of God for His people. Some would even say that if He is there, then he does not care!

When many people are dying of hunger due to food insecurity, where is God? Can’t He provide for His people? Why innocent people suffer at the hands of merciless guys? There are many hungry people around us, high rates of crime, robbery, death, evil, immoral actions and unemployment than ever before. Where is God? Man is suffering left and right. If God is there why can’t He stop these things from happening?

The question of where is God can be looked at from the very beginning. One thing that God has given to humans generously is the freedom of choose. Man has the freedom to choose what to do but has no freedom to choose from the consequences of his choice. He gave man the freedom to choose from the beginning may be thinking that man would use this freedom well and to his good but unfortunately it has been misused and man is reaping from the consequences of his own actions. With all the intelligence that man has and the ability to co-create and manipulate nature, the outcome has been both good and detrimental to life.

To suggest the answer for the question where is God, one needs to look at the wisdom God gave man to add on the creation. Whereas this was made for the good of man, it was later misused. Improvement of technology and manufacturing industry has lead to making equipment useful to man but destructive to his own life. Talk about nuclear weapons, guns, extraction and use of fossil fuels, e.t.c is all good but bad if misused.

In the scriptures the answer to where is God can be found in the book of Hosea 5:15 “Then I will go back to my place until they admit their guilt. And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me.”

Then where is God? It is possible that God has turned his face a way from the human race because of their disobedience and sin. He is holy and cannot be associated with evil. If man misuses his freedom of choice and do things that do not please God, then God will leave him alone until he admits his faults, repent and turn a way from sin back to his creator. When He seeks God earnestly, then he will find Him and be restored from misery to joy. And the question of where is God will be answered that God is ever there but sin separates Him from man.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

God and Science

A clear understanding of the scriptures show that God and science are in agreement. The problem is that many either do not do proper study of the Bible or those who try to do misinterprete it to meet their own needs.

Simple and logical reasoning can bring a person who looks at a nice potrait of President Obama to become amazed at the intelligence of the artist who made it. One wanders if someone concludes that it was drawn by chance! Likewise, if one looks at the whole creation, the wonderful design thereof, the complexity and the beauty of the universe should give a careful thought about the greatest artist who put all things it place.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who is God?

God is a supernatural being with no flesh and blood as in human beings. He is a Spirit; the creator of all things including living, none living, seen and unseen. All things in heaven and earth belong to Him and are under His control. Science tries to "discover" new theories and ideas to govern life but there is a limit beyond which science cannot go. All scientists are humans and subject to the natural laws of life, death and even those that they have discovered by themselves but there is one beyond all.

Looking at a nice building outside of your town requires simple logic to link the building with the architect, the one who put it in place. Equally, it requires simple logic to relate the whole creation with the creator. Looking at the way things appear on earth and the design in which they are is enough to convince you that there must be a supernatural designer who put all things together and cause them to work in harmony.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The love of Jesus Christ

Many people across the globe continue to ask themselves about the nature of Jesus Christ, the son of God and what made Him popular across the world in the 33 years that He lived here on planet earth. In His short life on the planet earth, He managed to influence the whole world more than any other popular leader that has ever lived!

The reason is that Jesus knew how to play His heavenly politics very well. A mong other things that made Him popular was His unconditional love. He loved and accepted anybody despite of....The weak, the poor, the rich, the disabled, tax collectors, and many more.Jesus Loves You...This I Know

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jesus Christ and Science

Up to today many are puzzled about the birth of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary who slept with no man. Although she had Joseph as her husband, the Bible says that she did not sleep with him but got pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit, a situation which did not involve the normal biological phenomenon of fertilization. This type of birth, however, is also biological because biology talks about parthenogenesis, a type of reproduction that does not involve fertilization in certain organisms like aphids. Therefore the birth of Jesus was scientific and biological.  Click Here to Learn More

He changed water into wine- This was the first miracle that Jesus performed at the wedding of Cana of Galilee (John 2:1-9). This is the chemistry of fermentation but this time from water and not carbohydrates. Was Jesus therefore a chemist? Why change water to wine and it was served to the people at the wedding. This should not be taken wholesale because the dangers of alcohol are well known to everyone. Wine was the drink of the time and He did this out of His concern for the good of the people.Click Here To learn more

His first sermon on the mount in Matt 5 Jesus refers to His followers as the light and salt of the world. Jesus here is ecologically explaining to the world the importance of light as the source of energy for all living things. Primary producers, the plants, obtain their energy from the sun and the former pass on this energy to other living organisms at higher trophic levels such as herbivores and then to the carnivores. Jesus therefore, urges His followers to be the source of life to the whole world and to provide direction to the many who live in darkness.Learn more Here about The Method and Message of Jesus' Teachings

The chemistry of salt as a preservative, taste giving, wound healing and its importance in the body’s coordinating system was well understood by Jesus Christ. Without the knowledge of Science Jesus would not have used this example in His teaching. He calls upon His followers to be the salt of the world-preserve, give taste, heal and coordinate the world’s activities accordingly in order to bring harmony among the people.
Learn more Here Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary

The Greatest Adventure Stories From the Bible: The Miracles of JesusWhat about His many miracles of healing and deliverance? Can we call Him a doctor? Since He was concerned with the health of individuals, their need for feeding to prevent them from ulcers and malnutrition as well as their emotional concerns, Jesus can be regarded as a doctor. His love, care and none-discriminative approach are all characteristic of a good medical doctor. So Jesus was a real doctor.

It is therefore; appropriate to call Jesus Christ a scientist. Although He did not attend any formal Science-teaching schools and colleges, all He did and the examples He used during His teachings were scientific. He was a scientist by nature and all prospective scientists should pick a leaf from Him.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Some people think that when a person studies science deeply, he/she will probably find out that God does not exist. Far from the truth! One day a young science student in a biology practical lesson put iodine solution on cooked starch and saw a blue-black color. He got excited and went home to disprove the existence of God to his Christian grand mother who used to talk about the presence of God!

Actually, the more one learns about science, the deeper he/she gets to believe that God exists! Who provides the forces that hold the stars and moon around the sun? How do electrons manage to keep around the atom? How does the brain efficiently and effectively coordinate all the activities of the body? Who can fully explain the power behind the engine of life, the pumping heart, which does not wear out or get tired for all the years of one’s life, a part from the one who created it? A deeper search attempting to answer some of the above questions will lead someone to believe that there must be a supernatural being behind all creation and life processes.

Today’s technological advancement involving heart transplantation, test tube fertilization, technology literacy and many more provides more understanding of the existence of God, the author of all wisdom and knowledge, which he partially gives to his people to contribute to His creation for the benefit of all the people on earth. The wonderful design depicted by nature provides more evidence to prove the existence of a supernatural artist. As one man put it “You need more faith to believe that there is no God than to approve His existence”.

Many great scientists who lived before us and who established the foundation for the modern Science died after confessing that God exists! Armstrong, the first Scientist to visit the moon appreciated the existence of God when he landed on the moon. Sir Isaac Newton, the found of the acceleration due to gravity died when he was a Christian and after accepting that the living God does exist. Darwin, the father of evolution confessed that “to believe that an eye, together with all its parts uniquely and corporately joined together was as a result of chance is the absurdity of the highest order”.

The best laboratory to prove the existence of God is not that of Chemistry, Biology or Physics but one’s own life. I have proved this by my own life which I surrendered to Him at an age of 20 and he transformed me from a sinful, hopeless and destructive life to the present new, optimistic and constructive life. The creator of heaven and earth, who formed you, has the power to transform you! Because He made you, He has the power to mend you! He is the creator of all the visible and invisible (Col 1:16) and therefore, the best consultant for prospective scientists and researchers who want to discover more invisible things in Science and life. If you are unable to prove His non-existence then desist from denying His presence. If you cannot defeat them its better you join them.